Water park bathrooms are disgusting

I know that’s incredibly hot outside but that’s why I am happy to stay inside.

When people start complaining about the outdoor heat and humidity I’m confused as to why they are subjecting themselves just so much sweaty torture.

I know that there are other things you can do outside to stay cool and comfortable but the options are few and far between. Recently one of my friends invited me to a waterpark and I looked at her as if she had two heads. I’m sorry, but I will never be attending a water park ever again if I can possibly avoid it. I had enough miserable experiences at the local water park when I was a kid. I still have flashbacks to the bathroom in that facility, in particular. I understand that it’s a water park so the air is going to be wet indoors. However, the amount of indoor humidity contained within that disgusting public restroom completely turned me off. When he walked in it felt like being slapped in the face with a huge wall of humid air. It was so dank and disgusting in there that it seems like there was no heating and cooling system whatsoever. I have my doubts if there was any kind of ventilation contained in these bathroom facilities. If you looked around carefully you could see overhead air vents but they sure didn’t pump any high quality indoor air inside of the restroom. Truthfully it didn’t even seem like there was air conditioning in there. I know they should have installed massive dehumidification units but it seems like they phoned in the air quality. This was evidence when you looked around and realized how much mold and mildew was secretly creeping in from every corner.



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