We asked him if he was not changing the air filters

We should have demonstrated to our son how to change the air filters in his HVAC unit at his studio apartment.

Mark was living on his own for the first time while attending university.

We brought him a whole box of air filters that would fit his HVAC unit and changed the outdated air filter for him. We weren’t aware that something as simple as an air filter change would be an issue that had to be directed. Months later when we went to visit him, my husband and I were shocked at the poor air quality in his studio apartment. We asked Mark if he was not changing the air filters. This is when he told us that he wasn’t sure how to change them. We told him that he might at least go online to learn how to do that if he was unsure or call us up and we would have helped him. Mark said he was so tied up with his studies and job life that he just didn’t have the time. When he got to the studio apartment at the end of the day, it was usually too late to call us anyway for something like changing an air filter for the HVAC system. Since we had this conversation, we took that chance to tackle this problem instantaneously. My husband and I showed Mark exactly how to get to the outdated air filter to pull it out. The air filter was just located in a slot directly next to the HVAC unit that fit into the ductwork. It was simple to pull out and put the modern air filter in. Still, we had to stress that he needed to make sure the arrow was pointing in the right direction because you didn’t want to install the air filter backwards. He was taken aback at how simple it was to do, and Mark never had issues with air quality after that.


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