We have never had an outdoor party.

I have never had an outdoor party because the weather in my area is really unusual.

It worries me that if I were to have an outdoor party, something would happen to ruin the party.

For that reason I have all of my parties indoors. I have a friend who owns a party venue. It is a lovely place that holds up to 100 people. The air conditioning and heating is absolutely perfect and I have never had any problems. I wanted to have an anniversary party for my mom and dad last year. I asked him if I could rent his party venue and he agreed. I told him I wanted to make sure the air conditioning was turned on the night before. I was going to bring the cake in that night and do some decorating. He was nice enough to come down to the venue and turn on the air conditioning. Since my brother couldn’t get there to help me, he even offered to help me with the decorations and to bring the cake in from the car. I was surprised that he made this offer, but I really appreciated it. He asked me if it was too cool in the building. He was going to adjust the thermostat to any temperature I wanted. I was so happy with how much help he gave me, that I invited him to come to the party. He told me he would only come if he could be my date. That was the beginning of my no longer being single. I now have a venue with perfect air conditioning where I can have my wedding reception.

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