What did they use during ancient times for cooling

I have always wondered what they used during ancient times to cool themselves off.

  • However, I do not have to wonder anymore.

For thousands of years, we have always had a way to heat our homes. While furnaces are a relatively new invention, we have always had heating systems that would help us to warm up during the cold winters. However, it is commonly taught that air conditioners are a new invention. The air conditioners as we know them are a new invention, but I used to think that people just deal with the heat when they were feeling too warm during the summer. I had no idea how people would stay cool during the summer. Without an air conditioner, they had to rely on fans, shade, or wind to make themselves feel cool, or so I thought. However, I recently discovered that the people of ancient times had air conditioners as we do. Well, technically, they do not have air conditioners in quite the same way, but the concept was similar. Without electricity to power a normal air conditioner, ancient people would have pipes in their walls that had cool water flowing through them. This cool water would cool the entire room down. Normally, only the richest people would have these air conditioners, and it made it super comfortable. Today, richer people have central air conditioners, but I am thankful that HVAC companies have developed cheaper HVAC units for us to use. I still think that it is pretty cool that they had some type of air conditioner in the olden days.

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