When you can’t update outdated windows

My house has a ton of windows, unluckyly they are all super old.

The homeowner had the house built in the 73s, & then did nothing since I obtained it.

In an ideal world with oodles of cash, I would update every single window. I would get double hung in the dining rooms, & sliding windows in the kitchen & dining room! Perhaps I would do a decorative window pattern on the bathroom ones. Since I don’t have tons of cash to throw around, the windows have to stay! Recently I had to purchase a residential window motion picture to protect our home. I realized that most of the windows faced where the sunlight shines brightly. The sunlight was ruining our carpet, couch, electronics & upping our utility bills. I thought about getting windows in just those areas, but I was looking at thousands of dollars. Thankfully sunlight control window motion picture upgrade isn’t that much cash. On older windows that don’t have a good Low-E rating, it is a good method to do a motion picture rather than update. It is a cheaper option that can save you energy overtime. The window motion picture upgrade wasn’t time consuming or difficult. The motion picture is totally clear & didn’t change the look of our window. I could have chosen to do a window tint, however wanted a clear look instead. I have observed that our fabrics hold up better & the house feels much colder. I am glad I went with this idea. I even read online that adding a window tint or motion picture does add quite a bit of value to a loft too.

Commercial Window Film Install

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