Whenever something tears up, I always want to fix it myself

Whenever something tears up around the house, I always try to fix it myself.

This is much to the dismay of my wife and my kids.

They are always telling me that I need to just call a professional to come and fix things around the house instead of trying to do it myself. That really makes me feel bad most of the time because it lets me know that they really have no faith in my handyman skills at all. However, I can’t really say that I blame them for that. I don’t really have a great track record when it comes to fixing much of anything, especially when it comes to things around the house like the plumbing, the appliances, and the heating and cooling system. I really don’t know why I continue to insist on fixing things, or at least trying to fix things this way. I know this about myself and I should really just give up on trying to be Mr Fixit for my house and my family. Normally I end up making the problem even worse than it was to begin with. I guess I just have that issue where I want to feel smarter than everyone else and that includes being able to fix just about anything. The problem is that I have the want to when it comes to that stuff. I just don’t have the knowledge and the necessary skills and training to be able to back it up. I need to take some classes or just be willing to call in the professionals, I guess.

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