Where did the central air conditioner go?

I cannot know that someone stole the central air conditioner at my house; I couldn’t figure out why the central air conditioner wasn’t laboring when I came house from vacation; One of the first things that I did when I came house was to try to turn on the central air conditioner; You can imagine how surprised that I was when I tried to turn on the central air conditioner however couldn’t, then even though I was able to adjust the thermostat, the thermostat was not turning the central air conditioner on, and no matter what I did to adjust the settings on the thermostat, I couldn’t do anything to get the central air conditioner to turn on.

I guess a little about fixing central air conditioners, so I went out back to check out the central air conditioner, then that is when I discovered that my central air conditioner was gone, literally, there was nothing back there where the central air conditioner would have been. The only things that I could find were shoe prints plus tire tracks, but apparently, while I was on vacation, someone snuck into my house, uninstalled the central air conditioner, plus stole my central air conditioner. I cannot know that none of my neighbors noticed that someone was stealing my central air conditioner. That would have taken hours plus a lot of work, however nobody heard anything. I don’t even guess if the cops would be able to find my central air conditioner in town, but I have to try. I cannot just afford a new central air conditioner. I wonder if my insurance covers the cost.

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