Why was the cooling unit failing before the party?

I couldn’t believe that my youngest was finally turning 16.

Two more years, and she’ll also leave home to go start a life of her own.

I love my kids, but I kept counting the days until I’d have the house all to myself. But, judging from how my kids loved coming home, I knew that would be short-lived. Still, I loved the fact that all her siblings were home to plan her surprise party. My youngest is sweet and had insisted we postpone the party due to financial concerns. But, all her siblings came together to make this event work. As I was hurrying up and down the house, I began to notice the space was getting warm. That was odd since the cooling unit was busy at work. I checked on the thermostat, thinking someone might have adjusted it, but the reading was as I had left it. This meant the cooling system was failing on the day of the party, which wasn’t the ideal thing to happen. I had to act fast and contact an independent AC repair person who worked in our area. She had always worked on our cooling and heating systems since we moved to the location. Lucky for me, she wasn’t far away from the house and was quite willing to come and inspect the cooling unit. But, I had to wait for a house for the AC repair person to finish the job she was tackling. Eventually, she showed up just in the nick of time because it was almost time for my daughter and her sister to come home after a day at the spa.

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