Window motion picture that prevents glass from breaking

I am a single gal that lives in the middle of nowhere.

I wanted to live in the middle of the woods for the quiet & privacy, but for the most part, I love it. I can suntan in our bikini top & not have a neighbor watch me. I can go for runs around our property & blast tunes if I want. I love hearing the birds & seeing little rabbits in our shrubbery. I do get a little weird at night. I worry about people breaking into our loft & being taken luck of; Due to this, I have a top of the line security system. I have cameras, motion detected lights & an alarm that immediately alerts the police. I also did a special window motion picture throughout our house. Most people do window motion picture upgrade to project their loft against UV rays; You can do that, however there is also a motion picture that stops glass from breaking. You put on the clear motion picture & when someone tries to break your window, it just makes a spiderweb crack. You can’t entirely bust into a loft with the motion picture. It was worth the cash to do the window motion picture updatement. I now sleep so definitely at night knowing that the only way into our house is through the front door & using the code only I know. I like that our windows are a safe venue for me. Also, if any loose brick comes up when I drive into the home, I don’t worry about breaking any glass. It was cash well spent.


Decorative Window Film Replacements

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