Window tint because of turtles

My fiance & I recently obtained a apartment that we are renting out.

Since the house is literally on the beach & you can hear the ocean, I want to charge quite a bit, however unluckyly the previous owners didn’t take certainly good care of the venue.

All the plumbing & shower fixtures are old. The floors are damaged, the ceiling is coming down & the frame of the house is rotting. I have to put in quite a bit of job & cash. One thing I thought would be simple was replacing the windows on the beach house. There weren’t too many windows & I thought it would be nice if they could open & close. I got a window supplier in & realized why the preavious owners hadn’t rpelaced them. I am legally required to get special turtle windows. This is a window tint that doesn’t provide a glare. Apparently with a normal window, the sunlight hitting it confuses turtles & stops them from nesting eggs. There is a whole turtle patrol on the beach that is formed to protect the turtle nests & their population. So windows with turtle glass are not cheap. I thought our new windows would be about 1000 for the whole project. Turns out doing the special window tint upgrade would be 1000 per window. I have more than fivewindows that face the beach that I need to do. I have decided to grit our teeth & do it. It kills me that I need to do a special tint because of turtles though.

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