Without AC, I was hot and ready to go home

My best friend scored two football tickets to see the opening home game.

  • I was pretty excited when he asked me to join him for the game.

The seats were pretty good. They were in the area near the 50-yard line and we were on the home side of the field. We were close enough to see the players and smell their sweat. It was 85 degrees that morning when I was getting ready for the game. By the time we arrived at the stadium, It was 95 degrees. We ran the AC in the car the whole time we were driving to the stadium. I didn’t want to get out of the air conditioning when we arrived. We sat in the stadium seats for an hour and I was ready to go home. Without AC, I was hot, sweating, and miserable. I drank a couple of cold beers and my stomach felt very upset. My friend seemed to be enjoying the game and I didn’t want to ruin his good time. I did my best to suffer without saying anything. After the third quarter, the game was over in my opinion. The home team was up 32-7 and the defense was fighting to allow no more yards. When my friend suggested we leave early, I was surprised and supportive. I agreed it was a good time to leave and beat the traffic. I never told my friend that I was miserable, but I think he was uncomfortable too. As soon as we entered the car, he immediately turned up the AC to full blast and took off his shirt.

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