Workouts outdoors are better

During the late spring, summer & early fall, my workouts are typically more enjoyable. When the snow melts & the weather finally warms up, I can head outside & take advantage of fresh air. I prefer plenty of space & more versatility. I can choose to go for a run at the athletic field, through the neighborhood or along trails through the woods. I sometimes ride my bike along a paved route that travels for over 70 miles in either direction. I frequently unroll my yoga mat on the back deck, where I lift weights & complete multiple sets of crunches, squats or lunges. I really enjoy jumping rope & often add in mountain climbers, burpees & lunge jumps. There’s lots of space & no fear of causing damage to home furnishings. Once the weather finally becomes hot & humid, I am lucky to have access to a swimming pool in the backyard. I really like working out in the pool. I often swim laps & utilize all types of strokes to work different muscles. I alternate between attempting to swim faster or trying to swim for a longer distance & duration. Another great exercise is treading water in the center of the pool. I tread using only my legs, only my arms and also using my whole body to stay afloat. There are days when I use my bluetooth speaker and blast music. I complete the whole workout in the shallow end. The water creates resistance & makes every movement more challenging. I run back & forth across the shallow end, jump, perform high knees, leap, kick my legs & perform all styles of motions that raise my heart rate & target my muscles. It’s really enjoyable, & it doesn’t even feel as if I’m overly exerting myself. Once I climb out of the water, I realize how exhausted my muscles are.


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