Worry about son and his asthma

No matter how old I get I am still a mom.

I know that my kids are well into their thirties at this point but that doesn’t stop me from being very concerned about their well-being on a daily basis.

There’s nothing wrong with my children and they are extremely capable humans. However, they aren’t always killed in taking care of themselves or making the best decisions for their lives. My son, in particular, is very bad at giving himself enough attention. He will neglect random pains in his body and issues with his belongings until it has become a serious problem. It also concerns me that he has serious asthma and refuses to take care of his indoor air handling devices. For as long as he has lived on his own, he has joked about his terrible central HVAC system. Apparently when he moved into the house it came with a 30 year old HVAC system. My son never wanted to spend money on himself so he refused to have the heating, cooling, and ventilation devices upgraded for the entire time he has lived there. I know he has very high energy bills and can barely control the indoor air temperature inside his home. He regularly mentions having fluctuating air temperatures with hot and cold patches throughout the house. What concerns me the most is his lack of professional HVAC technician repair appointments. I know he has never had his ductwork cleaned by a professional heating and cooling worker. It’s also very likely that he has never changed his air filters. When his asthma starts acting up, there’s nothing I can do but to send him various HVAC dealership’s contact information and pray.

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