Yellow jackets and bumblebees are creating nests around my lake house

There’s a few different things that irk me about living near a lake.

  • At the top are bugs.

So many bugs. If you aren’t a fan of bugs, it’s better not to live near lakes. Here insects are everywhere. One more issue is the lack of amenities in the area. I’m forced to drive to the city to shop and do basic stuff. I’ve been having an issue with wasps and bees buzzing around my lake house. The yellow jackets and bumble bees are creating nests all over, forcing me to always have my windows shut. I have no issue with bumble bees that much, because they generally don’t sting. But, the wasps are a pain in my butt. Well, it’s easy to find exterminators, but finding local exterminators is a whole other matter. Many city dwellers have problems with bumble bees, honey bees and wasps, so wasp extermination is common. But, residing in a remote lake community, there aren’t any yellow jacket removal places around me. I’ve been calling around several different places to see if they’d be willing to assist me. It seemed like I was on my own when the last place I contacted agreed to come and visit my lake house. They will be removing the bees and wasps so that I can finally open my windows. Also, we agreed they’d come back if the bees and wasps returned.


Yellow jacket removal

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