You should have an Heating & A/C specialist inspect your Heating & A/C before it gets to a critical state

I had a vehicle years ago that was consistently giving me complications.

I had more than two major leaks—an oil leak, a single in my radiator, & another in my power steering rack.

I had to deal with each leak differently. The oil leak was straightforward, as all I had to do was keep the dipstick serviced at least once a month or every more than two weeks. If it was ever low, I’d get a bottle of high mileage engine oil out & I’d top off the engine. My radiator was the same, but it leaked so suddenly that I literally dumped a gallon of water in the radiator reservoir every morning before heading to work. Of course it’s not as enjoyable as half-water antifreeze, but it’s free by comparison. I had well water at the time & never paid a penny to top off my radiator. The power steering leak was dealt with a liquid that is intended to expand in the system & fill any leaks for a given phase of time. I wish they made something like this for a/cs, because right now I have an evaporator coil with a small crack in it & it keeps leaking coolant. Until I gather enough cash to have a new evaporator coil put into locale, I’m going to be forced to keep calling my heating & cooling supplier to come out & refill the refrigerant inside my Heating & A/C system. I was fortunate that I found the problem at all. If I had not been more diligent about seeking inspections on my heating & cooling component by the professionals, then it’s highly unlikely that I would have ever l gained of the crack in my evaporator coil.

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